Mayor at PodiumLocal and state government leaders can change the incentives for gun manufacturers.hollister co  You can review your gun purchasing practices, demand information from gun manufacturers on their commitment to smarter & safer gun technologies (so hollister outlet that your guns cannot be used if they fall into the wrong hands). You can ask gun manufacturers about their sales practices (e.g., do they allow their weapons to be sold at gun shows where individuals can purchase without a background check?). You can ask how much money they are spending every year to fund organizations like the NRA.

[links to studies about some of the things above on theirhere  effectiveness. Report on safer tech, distribution, etc.]

No matter how small your budget each year, your jurisdiction can have an impact. When combined with other, like-minded jurisdictions around the country, we can create a coalition that creates billion-dollar incentives for the gun industry.

Learn more by reaching out to us directly. We are happy to share best practices and more detailed strategy to create change.