What Public Officials Can Do to Reduce Gun Violence

What Public Officials Can Do

Initial Steps

Broadening the Campaign

  • Contact your peers in other jurisdictions and ask them to participate.
  • Work with DNSIB to hold an informational event for public officials and law enforcement leaders in your state or region.

Deepening the Campaign

  • Work with DNSIB to highlight the bad-apple dealers in your area and ask manufacturers to pressure those dealers to upgrade their practices.
  • Issue an RFP for limited quantities of smart firearm products for research purposes so that law enforcement personnel in your jurisdiction can rigorously test and evaluate them to determine their suitability for larger-scale use in the field.
  • Make a modest change in your gun procurement:
    • If your jurisdiction purchases police service weapons directly, require manufacturers to respond to the RFI before your next firearms purchase and notify manufacturers of this requirement; OR
    • If your jurisdiction allows officers to make their own purchases, reimbursing them later, adopt an Approved Dealer Policy, which would prevent taxpayer dollars from subsidizing dealers that feed the illegal gun market in your area.
  • Measure the safety performance of gun manufacturers and dealers in your area:
  •  Work with DNSIB to hold a Smart Tech Show, highlighting a variety of gun-safety technologies – those currently on the market as well as those in development.

Reverend David Brawley thanks NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill for his commitment to meet with Glock to discuss improvements needed in its distribution practices.
Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti stating his public support for DNSIB at a ONE LA meeting.