LEFT:  Leaders of United Power for Action and Justice announce gun violence initiatives with public officials in Oak Park, IL.   RIGHT:  More than 900  Ping G30 Driver leaders of Greater Cleveland Congregations gather for Ping G30 Hybrid DO NOT STAND IDLY BY action with law enforcement leaders in Cleveland.


  • Add my name to the growing list of public officials who are seeking answers from gun manufacturers to questions about their distribution practices, safety technologies, and cooperation with law enforcement.

    I agree to be listed on the REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (see above) to be submitted to gun manufacturers by officials from jurisdictions across the United States.

    I am committed to working together with citizens and other public officials across regional and partisan lines to:
    (1) Encourage manufacturers to make firearms safety a top priority,
    (2) Develop purchasing practice that achieve the maximum public safety benefits from taxpayer dollars spent on firearms,
    (3) Evaluate safer firearms technologies as they become available.




 DO NOT STAND IDLY BY brings faith and community leaders together with public officials to build a new market for gun safety in America. here Our approach is based on supply and demand: a growing market demand from the public sector for gun safety will push gun manufactures to supply guns and undertake practices that are safer for our communities.

Proud to work with the
U.S. Conference of Mayors

DO NOT STAND IDLY BY is proud to work with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to encourage “best practices” in the gun industry.

Our campaign offers concrete steps individual jurisdictions can take to implement the resolution passed at the U.S. Conference’s most recent annual meeting in Dallas.

All together, the public sector buys 40 percent of the guns and ammunition in America, and municipalities, counties, and states are a significant portion of that number.

Thus, we are working with public officials to form a GUN BUYERS’ RESEARCH GROUP that will – as a first step – seek to learn more from gun manufacturers about what they are doing in three key areas:

•How they distribute firearms and set standards for their authorized dealers;
•How they incorporate safety technologies into products they sell or are planning to sell (including personalized weapons);
•How they work with law enforcement (locally and nationally) to reduce illegal gun sales and trafficking.

 You can download a copy of this, including the names of officials from more than 30 jurisdictions who have already signed on.

Please sign up below to join this campaign or to learn more.