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This Portable Sensor Will Watch Over Your Guns While You’re Away thetrace.com 02/02/2018

Field Tested: Identilock Bio-Metric Trigger Lock American Rifleman 10/16/2017

Hands on with Zore-X Gun Locks thefirearmblog.com 02/11/2018

How to Reduce Shootings Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times 02/15/2018 (updated from 11/06/2017)
Includes reference to need for smart technology

Gun companies need this gun control measure Joe Nocera for Bloomberg  02/16/2018 “‘Smart guns’ are the exciting new product that the industry needs to revive lagging sales.”

Survey of 400+ Police Professionals Shows Almost 3 in 5 Have Some Degree of Interest in Firearms That Can Only Be Operated by Authorized User Business Wire 8/3/2017

Gun violence in the US

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The Trace

America’s Complex Relationship With Guns Pew Research Center 06/22/17

Our Moloch Garry Wills for The New York Review of Books 12/15/2012

What an AR-15 Can Do to the Human Body Sarah Zhang for wired.com 06/17/16

In Wake of School Shootings, A Look At How Kids Get Guns ohiovalleyresource.org 01/24/2018

Let’s Be Smart About Gun Control Kim Perks in the Fairfax County Times 12/28/2017

The Gun Lobby is Hindering Suicide Prevention Erin Dunkerly in the NY Times 12/26/2017

Could smart gun technology make a difference?

Police continue to investigate 3 Texas cases in which young boys fatally shot themselves chron.com 01/31/2018

Kansas City’s epidemic of stolen guns hits new high Joe Robertson at http://www.kansascity.com 01/28/2018

Marshall County High School Shooting Suspect to Face Murder and Assault Charges WKMS.ORG 01/24/2018

Teens charged in apartment shooting that injured 11-year-old boy NJ.COM 01/29/2018

12-year-old girl charged in fatal shooting of 16-year-old in Madison WKRN.COM 12/31/2017