Connecticut Faith Leaders Press Gun Manufacturers On Safety and Weapons Distribution, WNPR, 6/2/2014

Following the recent mass killing in California, faith leaders in Connecticut gathered on Monday to call on gun manufacturers to take steps aimed at reducing gun violence. 

Leaders from more than 25 churches, synagogues, and mosques in New Haven and Fairfield counties, along with Governor Dannel Malloy and mayors from New Haven, Bridgeport, and Norwalk, as well as First Selectwoman Pat Llodra of Newtown, planned to speak out as part of a campaign called Do Not Stand Idly By.

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Interfaith group hopes to stop gun violence, squeeze supply, WKYC, 5/30/2014

CLEVELAND — Their rallying phrase: Our united power builds a Greater Cleveland.  It’s strength in numbers. It’s getting loud enough to get something done.

The Greater Cleveland Congregations pulls people from more than 30 faith groups to make change from the ground up with one new goal: stopping illegal guns.  In a room of several hundred people Thursday, only a few could say they haven’t seen the impact of gun violence.

“I’ve seen a dozen people shot, six shot and killed,” said Cleveland resident Brandon Copleland. “Growing up on Wade Park, you become numb to it, you accept the unacceptable…[Guns are] all over the place, and now a days people shoot first and ask questions later.”

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Gun designer’s quest for smarter weapon infuriates US gun rights advocates, Washington Post, 8/6/2014

Gun designer’s quest for smarter weapon infuriates US gun rights advocates, Washington Post

UNTERFÖHRING, Germany — In nearly 30 years at Heckler & Koch, a legendary German gunmaker, Ernst Mauch designed some of the world’s most lethal weapons, including the one that reportedly killed Osama bin Laden. A state regulator once called him a “rock star” in the industry.

Now the gun world sees him a different way: as a traitor. The target of their fury is the smart gun Mauch designed at Armatix, a start-up near Munich. The very concept of the weapon has been attacked by U.S. gun rights advocates even as it has helped Mauch resolve a sense of guilt that has haunted him his entire career. He knows children have killed each other with his guns. Crimes have been committed with them.

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Interfaith group Greater Cleveland Congregations has a plan to stamp out gun violence, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, 5/28/2014

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Greater Cleveland Congregations says it has a plan to stamp out rampant gun violence in the city.  The interfaith coalition — known for their education advocacy and work to expand Medicaid in Ohio — will unveil their two-prong plan Thursday night during a call to action at the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church.

“We have a gun crisis in our community,” said Rabbi Joshua Caruso, GCC co-chair. “This is not an urban crisis, or a suburban one; or Christian or Jewish or Muslim crisis. Illegal guns are too easy to obtain and proliferate on our streets, among criminals and our children.”

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Gun companies must play a greater role in stopping the slaughter of innocents, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, 4/6/2014

Op-Ed by Phillip Morris.

Here’s an idea.

Let’s revamp this notion of gun control. Let’s make America a safer place by making it much more difficult for criminals to get guns – not the law abiding…

The groundwork is already being laid for this evolution in the gun debate…It’s brilliant. It’s the lion lying down with the lamb sort of strategy, which means it’s delicate and requires finesse. It also has deep Cleveland roots.

A national team of religious leaders, including Rev. Richard Gibson, formerly an attorney with Squire Sanders, and now pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church, and Donna Weinberger, a psychotherapist affiliated with Greater Cleveland Congregations, went to the world’s second largest gun show in Nuremberg, Germany last month. They went with the stated intention of meeting with gun manufacturers to talk about a market for smart guns (weapons that only fire in the hand of the registered owner) as well as strategies to keep illegal guns off the streets.

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